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Collection: Bamboo Sunglasses | Bamboo Mamboo Polarized and UV400

Bamboo and wooden Sunglasses.
Polarized and UV 400 protetion.

Benefits of Bamboo Frame Sunglasses

There are numerous benefits that go hand in hand with wearing these shades. Bamboo sunglasses are…

  • Lightweight- Sunglasses that companies make with bamboo, are lighter and come in a variety of stylish fashions. This is an important factor since most people only wear shades for health concerns. Others may wear them to improve the way they feel or how they look.
  • UV Protection- They offer unmatched levels of UV protection. Naturally, bamboo fibers act as a shield against the UV rays; repelling up to 93 percent of the harmful rays. In addition, they indicate that an individual cares about sustainable materials and a better future for themselves and the planet.
  • Eco-Friendly- For its growth, Bamboo does not need pesticides, in that manner, it protects the person and the environment from hazardous contaminants.
  • Sustainable- When compared to several kinds of materials used in the manufacture of frames for sunglasses, bamboo is the most sustainable to a large extent. It is nature’s most sustainable resource. The reason why is, bamboo needs virtually no water for its growth. Also, their roots don’t die after harvesting, making it grow faster.
  • Water-Resistant- They are ideal for water sports and swimming because the frames float in the water. You will not lose your favorite shades at sea.
  • Stylish- They are timeless, unique and also stylish owing to the fact that most of them are handmade. You can find these cool bamboo shades in various fun colors and trendy shapes. Even though the frames are wooden, shapes such as circles, squares, cat-eyes and semi-rimless styles, are still possible. Some frames have vintage inspired themes. Consequently, the awesome sunglasses will never be un-trendy.
  • Durable- Bamboo is among the most durable and superior materials making them perfect for sunglasses frames

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